Health + Hygiene

Our health and hygiene division is the culmination of several FyterTech product lines including custom absorbents for surgical and operating rooms and an extensive cleaning wipe and rag offering.  This division utilizes a variety of nonwoven manufacturing techniques to deliver products and substrates specifically tailored to the job at hand.



Fluid Management In The Operating Room


Focusing on absorbing fluids within the medical environment, our boutique manufacturing model allows us to create custom nonwovens for our medical distribution partners.  These pads reduce slip and fall risks and absorb biological hazards in surgical facilities.  FyterTech has made this category a priority – investing resources and equipment to enhance our manufacturing process, converting capabilities and overall capacity.

Cleaning & Disinfecting


FyterTech offers a large selection of wipes in a number of constructions to meet our customers’ diverse needs. Our team can help guide you to choose the best substrate for your application:

  • Airlaid
  • Spunlace
  • Hydrospun
  • DRC
  • Scrim
  • Delicate Task
  • Food Service


For disinfecting those high touch areas, we offer a pre-saturated wipe as well as our Spilfyter Wipe Kits. Offered in two configurations, you can either incorporate your existing cleaning and disinfecting solution with the wipes, or deploy a kit that includes an EPA approved, "N" listed concentrated disinfectant.


Many operations prefer to use a rag for much of its wiping and cleaning tasks.  FyterTech also offers a large variety of new “mill end” rags and reclaimed rags as well as new and reclaimed towels to support your business.

Delivering products and substrates specifically tailored to the job at hand.